What’s your “Happy Meal”?


I’m always humbled to see people considering me an expert or a “Beast” at anything.
A brand is more than a logo, and while I’m very unconventional, the way I move is my personal definition of branding:

If I give a kid a small cheeseburger with fries and a drink, the kid is Happy. If I place those same items in a decorated cardboard box and toss in a $0.30 toy, that same kid is thrilled because they now have a HAPPY MEAL.
To have a brand is evoke or provoke a feeling, good or bad when people hear your name or see your logo. If you’re not generating a reaction, it’s hard to generate sales.
I’d rather be hated than suffer the pain of indifference. I’d rather be talked about than tolerated. I’d rather win with a few than lose with the masses. But what do I know?

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