-wWBzcrnIn this episode, David talks about his experience with The Breakfast Club (Charlamagne & Angela Yee) and how people reacted to his appearance on the popular show. The Creators of the Royally Melanated publishing company also talk about their motivations for creating a Black Owned Publishing house.

Dave also addresses how to get people to respect your price, the best way to invest in your business and what techniques helps with being successful in Network Marketing. Comment, Rate and Subscribe to the show. Don’t forget to share the show on your social media

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-wWBzcrnSo in case you haven’t heard, I recently appeared on the Nationally Syndicated Breakfast Club with Charlamagne and Angela Yee (DJ Envy was out that day). I talked about my life in and out of radio, and I got to talk about sales and selling. I even got to express my feelings on everything from Bill Cosby to R. Kelly. If you have 28 minutes to kill, let me show you how I BULLY on the Breakfast Club!


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What’s your “Happy Meal”?


I’m always humbled to see people considering me an expert or a “Beast” at anything.
A brand is more than a logo, and while I’m very unconventional, the way I move is my personal definition of branding:

If I give a kid a small cheeseburger with fries and a drink, the kid is Happy. If I place those same items in a decorated cardboard box and toss in a $0.30 toy, that same kid is thrilled because they now have a HAPPY MEAL.
To have a brand is evoke or provoke a feeling, good or bad when people hear your name or see your logo. If you’re not generating a reaction, it’s hard to generate sales.
I’d rather be hated than suffer the pain of indifference. I’d rather be talked about than tolerated. I’d rather win with a few than lose with the masses. But what do I know?

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