I Think Taking ANY Job is Stupid!!!

by | Jan 1, 2018 |

So the perception is that somehow I’m “anti-job”.

This isn’t anywhere near accurate. I’m “anti-POINTLESS Job”

Some of you are working jobs that have nothing to do with your passion or your purpose. Every single hour of your day is a precious amount of time that you can’t get back. Why not get something useful for your time?

Please don’t tell me that your “paycheck” is what you’re getting for your time. That’s a really bad trade and quite frankly, you’re getting the short end of the stick. Even prostitutes get paid. A check is not enough.

As a business owner/entrepreneur/potential entrepreneur, you must be strategic in everything that you do, including maximizing your time.

If you have to work a job, find something that is going to teach you something, or enhance your skills.
When I wanted to learn about SEO, SEM, and selling digital products for small and medium sized businesses, I looked into taking some courses at my alma mater and a few other universities. The costs were astronomical! It was at that point that I looked around and I found a position in a large corporation that would train me to become an expert in the very things I needed to strengthen.

If I had taken the course I wanted to take that was $8,000, I wouldn’t have had the real world experience of how customers respond to certain products, which campaigns work best for products vs. services etc. In short I would have been down 8 grand and still lost as to how to practically apply the knowledge I received in that six months.

Instead, I went and got free training and real life sales experience for 6 months and made over $35,000 doing very little work.

The moral of the story is, that it’s okay to get a job but it in some way should ideally align with your business goals. If you’re uncomfortable speaking to people, work in a call center. If your dream is to own a day care center, work in a day care center or moonlight in Chuck E. Cheese. It will teach you to have patience with children and it will show you if that line of work is an undertaking you’ll find appealing.

If you can’t find something that aligns with your dream or your passions, drive for uber. This way you can make your own hours, pay your bills and grow your business at the same time.

Keep in mind, there’s a huge difference between being an apprentice and being a wage slave

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