rodney perry 046 (1)David breaks down the recent controversy with rapper/record exec Birdman from Cash Money & The Breakfast Club. He also talks about MLMs who use phrases from him and other speakers and thought leaders without quoting them.

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Comedian Rodney Perry breaks down his business dealings and how he handles 6 kids, a wife and more. He also talks about his relationship with Mo’Nique and offers his take on whether or not he feels the Oscar winner has been Blackballed.

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David talks about When building your business means hiding that it’s black-ownedstereotypes that keep Black Owned Businesses stuck in a vicious cycle of low profitability and high frustration. He breaks down The Chicago Tribune’s Article entitled “When building your business means hiding that it’s black-owned” and why self-hate and fear is at the core of the mentality outlined in the article.

Also, Multimedia Journalist Ernest Owens talks about his experiences as a young Black Gay Journalist and shares advice on how to effectively promote your business by pitching the media without being thirsty.

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-wWBzcrnIn this episode, David talks about his experience with The Breakfast Club (Charlamagne & Angela Yee) and how people reacted to his appearance on the popular show. The Creators of the Royally Melanated publishing company also talk about their motivations for creating a Black Owned Publishing house.

Dave also addresses how to get people to respect your price, the best way to invest in your business and what techniques helps with being successful in Network Marketing. Comment, Rate and Subscribe to the show. Don’t forget to share the show on your social media

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The Bodega Brovas

In this episode, David discusses why you don’t let people piggyback off of your hard work from the sidelines. Also a sure fire method for finding out who your target demographic is and how to reach them consistently. Also Headkrack from Dish Nation and the Ricky Smiley Morning Show and Travii & Keynote, better known as the Bodega Brovas, discuss their path on both the independent music scene as well as the music industry as a whole.

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In this episode, David discusses the importance of having quality products along with your advertising in order to have an effective business. You cannot make anything happen by playing it safe for being cheap.

The Undisputed King Of Prank Phone Calls and star of the Comedy Central Juggernaut The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Comedian Roy Wood Jr. Talks about his life and business practices as a standup comedian and an entrepreneur. You will definitely be moved by his philosophies as well as his impact on the way comedians market and package themselves. Make sure to comment share and subscribe!TDSwTN_refresh_Roy_macro_1920x1080


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nina-simone-zoe-saldana ‘

In this episode, David discusses the atrocities that are committed against black women In Hollywood. From horrible casting when it comes to actresses with different skin tones, too stereotypical “mammy” images that are portrayed, David breaks down the Nina Simone biopic as well as the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot. David also answers questions in regards to building your business, as well as coping techniques and starting off on the road to entrepreneurship.

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