On the Eve of the Donald Trump era, many people are scared. Some are scared of losing jobs, not being able to find jobs, etc. Many fear what a repeal of Obamacare will mean for their lives regarding healthcare. Others are starting or trying to grow their businesses. The one thing that people don’t have enough of is opportunity.

One area that is often overlooked and neglected as an opportunity is the area of technology. We live in the digital age where things that were only possible on a cartoon called the Jetsons have become commonplace. Plenty of us use the technology (Smartphones, Tablets, Social Media, Apps, etc), but very few of us (less than 0.05%) are actually manufacturing and developing the technology, Let alone coding it.

Nate Bernadeau is a Haitian American who lives in the Washington DC area and is passionate about changing that number. His site My Connect Media is not only an alternative to Facebook, which has been known to block African Americans for various unknown reasons (see what happened to the Shade Room’s page of 4 million fans). This makes it unstable for people who are trying to consistently grow a Fanbase.

Then when you factor in what happens when a potential employer looks at your Facebook profile, tens of thousands of job opportunities are missed because someone decided to have a few drinks and take a few inappropriate pictures. Myconnect seeks to fix that and change the way that social media operates whereby:

* Users can create 2 profiles, 1 personal and 1 professional or resume profile. Both will be kept separate so potential employers won’t be able to spy on you.

* Users can post links, upload images, videos, music to create a music playlist.

* Businesses will be able to do target marketing similar to Facebook and other social networking sites.

* Users can create Communities and within each Community, users will be able to create sub Communities or Categories.

* 10 star rating system for Businesses. (This can allow folks to give more feedback than what Yelp! currently offers)

In addition to this eye opening interview, Dave Talks about what steps you need to take in 2017 in order to dominate your business, how to identify the holes left by your competition and how your attitude towards success must change.

Listen to “2017 No More Excuses! Tech Talk w/MyConnect Media Founder Nate Bernadeau” on Spreaker.

Dave Anderson is a speaker, entrepreneur and #1 Best Selling author living in Philadelphia who loves sharing knowledge and helping others on the topic of entrepreneurship, branding and sales.

Dave is a passionate person who will go the extra mile and over-deliver.  His aggressive, unorthodox and in-your-face style has earned him the nickname “The Business Bully.”

Having been featured in Ebony Magazine, The Breakfast Club, The Huffington Post and countless others,  David has become the go to business expert and sales trainer for thousands of entrepreneurs who buy his books, watch him on YouTube or listen to his Podcast.

If you would like to learn more from Dave Anderson, please visit:


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For bookings and inquires for lectures, book signings or speaking engagements email info@innerbrand.org

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In this episode, Dave talks to famed LinkedIn expert coach TaJuana Ross14677997_1666916946952243_325217790_o about making things happen for your business/brand by using the power of LinkedIn. If you think it’s just for getting a job, you would be sadly mistaken.

Dave also talks about what it means to be an entrepreneur in a Post-Obama America. This is a mind blowing 90 minutes that is definitely worth a listen.


Listen to “Mastering LinkedIn, Election Stress and Expectations with Coach TaJauna Ross” on Spreaker.

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When digital entrepreneurs, small business owners and executive leaders want a BIG, profitable brand that accentuates their BIG dreams and goals, they hire Audria Richmond. With nearly 10 years of experience in photography, web and graphic design, branding, and marketing, Audria is talented at turning the skills of self-employed professionals into personal brands that attract big money clients.


She uses her gifts to coach self-employed professionals from around the world and serves as a creative strategist for some of the biggest brands in the country. In the last 2 years, her clients have generated more than $1 million in revenue and have been featured as industry experts in top online publications such as The Huffington Post and Business Insider.


Audria is also the founder of the Building Big Brand Agency, the first agency designed specifically to deliver Fortune 500-quality branding and marketing services to micro business owners and self-employed professionals. Here, ambitious professionals can tap into Audria’s genius and get a blueprint proven in building marketable, one-of-a-kind brands that attract clients and generate revenue. She is also the creator of various self-study branding and marketing courses and co-founder of several lucrative business ventures.richmondsii-3854

Audria’s branding and marketing work has garnered nearly a dozen regional awards. Various online publications, popular podcasts and local events including “Happily Empowered Woman,” the “Secret to Her Success Podcast” and the “Dreamer Paradise Podcast” have featured her expertise.


When she’s not building BIG brands, you can find Audria and her husband shaking up the Atlanta professional scene as they hunt for their next big business empire. Find out more about Audria and her superpowers at http://audriarichmond.com/.


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BannerbullyDavid talks with his longtime friend, artist/activist David Banner about his upcoming album, The God Box, what being an activist meant for his career, why he still spends time talking with any and everyone, and how his greatest wish is to be left alone by those who wish harm on him and his people.

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BJ.jpgFor the first time ever, I am simulcasting an interview I did on the 90/10 rule Podcast. It’s amazing how hard I go on someone else’s show. I think it comes down to someone else asking the questions.
On this show we discuss radio play and promotion, becoming a business, and the political undertow that keeps most artists out of the top 10.

Check out their show at http://www.raresonance.com/9010/

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