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Don’t be a wage slave! Get Paid to learn!

So the perception is that somehow I’m “anti-job”.

This isn’t anywhere near accurate. I’m “anti-POINTLESS Job”

Some of you are working jobs that have nothing to do with your passion or your purpose. Every single hour of your day is a precious amount of time that you can’t get back. Why not get something useful for your time?

Please don’t tell me that your “paycheck” is what you’re getting for your time. That’s a really bad trade and quite frankly, you’re getting the short end of the stick. Even prostitutes get paid. A check is not enough.

As a business owner/entrepreneur/potential entrepreneur, you must be strategic in everything that you do, including maximizing your time.

If you have to work a job, find something that is going to teach you something, or enhance your skills.
When I wanted to learn about SEO, SEM, and selling digital products for small and medium sized businesses, I looked into taking some courses at my alma mater and a few other universities. The costs were astronomical! It was at that point that I looked around and I found a position in a large corporation that would train me to become an expert in the very things I needed to strengthen.

If I had taken the course I wanted to take that was $8,000, I wouldn’t have had the real world experience of how customers respond to certain products, which campaigns work best for products vs. services etc. In short I would have been down 8 grand and still lost as to how to practically apply the knowledge I received in that six months.

Instead, I went and got free training and real life sales experience for 6 months and made over $35,000 doing very little work.

The moral of the story is, that it’s okay to get a job but it in some way should ideally align with your business goals. If you’re uncomfortable speaking to people, work in a call center. If your dream is to own a day care center, work in a day care center or moonlight in Chuck E. Cheese. It will teach you to have patience with children and it will show you if that line of work is an undertaking you’ll find appealing.

If you can’t find something that aligns with your dream or your passions, drive for uber. This way you can make your own hours, pay your bills and grow your business at the same time.

Keep in mind, there’s a huge difference between being an apprentice and being a wage slave

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-wWBzcrnSo in case you haven’t heard, I recently appeared on the Nationally Syndicated Breakfast Club with Charlamagne and Angela Yee (DJ Envy was out that day). I talked about my life in and out of radio, and I got to talk about sales and selling. I even got to express my feelings on everything from Bill Cosby to R. Kelly. If you have 28 minutes to kill, let me show you how I BULLY on the Breakfast Club!


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What’s your “Happy Meal”?


I’m always humbled to see people considering me an expert or a “Beast” at anything.
A brand is more than a logo, and while I’m very unconventional, the way I move is my personal definition of branding:

If I give a kid a small cheeseburger with fries and a drink, the kid is Happy. If I place those same items in a decorated cardboard box and toss in a $0.30 toy, that same kid is thrilled because they now have a HAPPY MEAL.
To have a brand is evoke or provoke a feeling, good or bad when people hear your name or see your logo. If you’re not generating a reaction, it’s hard to generate sales.
I’d rather be hated than suffer the pain of indifference. I’d rather be talked about than tolerated. I’d rather win with a few than lose with the masses. But what do I know?

If you want to streamline your day and maximize your efforts, I want to help! Click Here to get my Best Selling Book, “101 Easy Ways to Get Sh*t Done: Work Less, Accomplish More: FOR FREE!

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If being different makes you the Black sheep of the family, that's okay! Black wool makes awesome sweaters (1)

I know it’s hard to understand that people fear and have feared your uniqueness since you were a kid. You march to your own drummer, and now that people are starting to bob their heads to your beat, the same people who shunned you are the same ones acting as if they cared.

That sucks.

But that’s not your fault. Standing in your truth and in the God given gifts is what you’re supposed to do.

Yes they bet on the wrong horse in high school- you weren’t voted most likely to succeed but you’re successful. So what? They bet on the wrong horse but you won the race!

Your family told you to pick a “safe” career but you didn’t and that decision paid off! Being “safe and practical” is the reason why most people die from mediocrity. If being different makes you the Black sheep of the family, that’s okay! Black wool makes awesome sweaters.

I want you to thrive because that’s why God put you here!

Now get up and kick today’s ass!

You’re welcome!

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As you know, I’m a stickler for value and customer service. When I went to see Deadpool with my oldest daughter, I didn’t get much of either. Needless to say I wasn’t very happy, so I hopped on Hang With and you can only imagine how much control it took for me not to curse people out fully. Peep the video:

So I made sure that AMC Theaters knew how disappointed I was:


And once they realized that I was giving them that work, they began to slip into my DMs


So a couple of days later, the local manager called me and sent me new tickets and a voucher for some food.

You don’t have to settle for bad service. I just hope that they do a better job of taking care of people who spend their hard earned money for a 2 hour escape from their everyday lives.



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The level of Butthurt and Vapors are at threat level orange!kvoepAR

As I watch people watching me, I get tickled by 2 things:

1. The ones who view me as a threat
2. The ones that didn’t believe in me

Thank God I don’t put much stock in nonsense.

Most people don’t want to ride with you when you’re working your fingers to the bone. Most people won’t be able to hand over a tissue when you have tears of agony streaming down your face.

Most people don’t believe that there’s room in the world for someone to do similar things that they do. I’m sure glad Five Guys, Wendy’s, Burger King and Checkers didn’t say “Shit! McDonald’s sold millions of Burgers. Guess I can’t build a burger joint!”

As silly as that sounds, that’s how many people think. When you show them something different, they reject it until they see everyone jumping on the bandwagon. Most people want to lead but few want to be the first follower.

So when things begin to click and fall in place, here they come! The butthurt will try to diminish your success, while those with the vapors will try to hitch a free ride.

You are only obligated to yourself and those who were there for you consistently. Everyone else can catch the vapors and find some ointment for that butthurt.

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