The level of Butthurt and Vapors are at threat level orange!kvoepAR

As I watch people watching me, I get tickled by 2 things:

1. The ones who view me as a threat
2. The ones that didn’t believe in me

Thank God I don’t put much stock in nonsense.

Most people don’t want to ride with you when you’re working your fingers to the bone. Most people won’t be able to hand over a tissue when you have tears of agony streaming down your face.

Most people don’t believe that there’s room in the world for someone to do similar things that they do. I’m sure glad Five Guys, Wendy’s, Burger King and Checkers didn’t say “Shit! McDonald’s sold millions of Burgers. Guess I can’t build a burger joint!”

As silly as that sounds, that’s how many people think. When you show them something different, they reject it until they see everyone jumping on the bandwagon. Most people want to lead but few want to be the first follower.

So when things begin to click and fall in place, here they come! The butthurt will try to diminish your success, while those with the vapors will try to hitch a free ride.

You are only obligated to yourself and those who were there for you consistently. Everyone else can catch the vapors and find some ointment for that butthurt.

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