Black Sheep and Wrong Horses

by | Jan 1, 2018

I know it’s hard to understand that people fear and have feared your uniqueness since you were a kid. You march to your own drummer, and now that people are starting to bob their heads to your beat, the same people who shunned you are the same ones acting as if they cared.

That sucks.

But that’s not your fault. Standing in your truth and in the God given gifts is what you’re supposed to do.

Yes they bet on the wrong horse in high school- you weren’t voted most likely to succeed but you’re successful. So what? They bet on the wrong horse but you won the race!

Your family told you to pick a “safe” career but you didn’t and that decision paid off! Being “safe and practical” is the reason why most people die from mediocrity. If being different makes you the Black sheep of the family, that’s okay! Black wool makes awesome sweaters.

I want you to thrive because that’s why God put you here!

Now get up and kick today’s ass!

You’re welcome!

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