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  • In business, there are two things that clearly provide you strength: Your ability to communicate, and your ability to be supported by like minded individuals. In this episode of The Business Bully Podcast, Dave talks with his mentor and coach, Les Brown.

    Les is the #1 Ranked Motivational speaker on the planet. having amassed a fortune empowering people all over the world with his message of hope and success despite the odds. He talks about battling cancer, sciatica and other ailments in order to take the stage. He also talks about the importance of multiple streams of income, and how communicating effectively is a major key to success in obtaining financial freedom.

    One of the fathers of the modern Black Owned Business movement, Ahmir Young is a driving force for young people who are looking to gain independence through owning their own business. As the founder of, one of the most comprehensive directories of Black Owned Businesses, he is educating Black people on how diverse our offerings are and what the hip-hop generation can offer.

    His latest endeavor is utilizing the power of his massive group of BOBs on facebook, combined with the hundreds of BOBs on to create a coupon book that will be the definition of group economics.

  • David talks with his longtime friend, artist/activist David Banner about his upcoming album, The God Box, what being an activist meant for his career, why he still spends time talking with any and everyone, and how his greatest wish is to be left alone by those who wish harm on him and his people.

  • Rushion McDonald sits down with Dave for a one on one interview to disucss his business, his career, marketing, branding and developing a set of goals for success. Visit for more!

  • After months of speculation and build-up, Dave finally sits down with serial entrepreneur and lover of all things “Hustle”, Gary Vaynerchuk. They discuss everything from race, current business trends, the advantages and disadvantaged that each have faced and much much more! Be a fly on the wall for this RAW and UNEDITED conversation. This is the 50th episode of The Business Bully Podcast.