chuck-creekmurIn this episode, David discusses the importance of understanding who you are when it comes to your business. Also what does it mean when you have to go against your family’s perception of what is popular? Is Kanye West a genius or a crackpot? All of these questions and more will be explored in this episode, And David goes one-on-one with Chuck Creekmur of all

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As you know, I’m a stickler for value and customer service. When I went to see Deadpool with my oldest daughter, I didn’t get much of either. Needless to say I wasn’t very happy, so I hopped on Hang With and you can only imagine how much control it took for me not to curse people out fully. Peep the video:

So I made sure that AMC Theaters knew how disappointed I was:


And once they realized that I was giving them that work, they began to slip into my DMs


So a couple of days later, the local manager called me and sent me new tickets and a voucher for some food.

You don’t have to settle for bad service. I just hope that they do a better job of taking care of people who spend their hard earned money for a 2 hour escape from their everyday lives.



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The level of Butthurt and Vapors are at threat level orange!kvoepAR

As I watch people watching me, I get tickled by 2 things:

1. The ones who view me as a threat
2. The ones that didn’t believe in me

Thank God I don’t put much stock in nonsense.

Most people don’t want to ride with you when you’re working your fingers to the bone. Most people won’t be able to hand over a tissue when you have tears of agony streaming down your face.

Most people don’t believe that there’s room in the world for someone to do similar things that they do. I’m sure glad Five Guys, Wendy’s, Burger King and Checkers didn’t say “Shit! McDonald’s sold millions of Burgers. Guess I can’t build a burger joint!”

As silly as that sounds, that’s how many people think. When you show them something different, they reject it until they see everyone jumping on the bandwagon. Most people want to lead but few want to be the first follower.

So when things begin to click and fall in place, here they come! The butthurt will try to diminish your success, while those with the vapors will try to hitch a free ride.

You are only obligated to yourself and those who were there for you consistently. Everyone else can catch the vapors and find some ointment for that butthurt.

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In this episode, David explores the fascination of many of us with our 9-to-5 jobs. What does it take to break away from doing what everyone else does? Can you be successful without having to rely on the 40 hour workweek? How do you pull yourself up from having absolutely nothing, To achieving success you so richly deserve?

David answers these questions and many more along with your email questions and has an exclusive interview with Author, Artist, Entrepreneur, and multifaceted entertainer, Fonzworth Bentley. This is one episode you definitely can’t afford to miss!

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In this episode, David breaks down the importance of understanding how the industry works. The entertainment industry can be a very difficult thing to manage. There are a lot of different forces at play that most people don’t even realize are there. The legendary DJ for LL Cool J — DJ Cut Creator breaks down his experiences over 40 years in the music industry on the show that is definitely going to make your friends talk for hours on end! Make sure you share and subscribe to the show

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In the inaugural episode, Dave talks about the Academy Awards Racial Scandal, How to develop a process for getting anything you need to accomplish completed, and the importance of self acceptance. Two very special guests join Dave for the first episode, Antonique Smith, accomplished actress and singer and comedian George Wallace, both of whom give their takes on Business, Black people, Hollywood and the entertainment industry’s dark side!

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PODCASTBest Selling Author and Business Coach Launches Interactive Podcast to Solve the Biggest Entrepreneurial Challenges of 2016


Celebrated Multimedia personality and founder of iBrandUniversity, Dave Anderson is launching a new venture for the Entrepreneur community with his late January launch of his new interactive venture, The Business Bully Podcast.


The Business Bully Podcast combines his years at the height of catapulting celebrity brands such as Les Brown, George Wallace and Rickey Smiley, to the struggles with being homeless and bouts with depression while rebuilding his business into weekly bite-sized lessons for aspiring and established Entrepreneurs.


The Business Bully Podcast is the no-nonsense answer to the tough questions that delay your business from greatness. His guests range from Captains of industry to A-list celebrities, all with the intention of helping current and aspiring entrepreneurs reach new levels of greatness


In a unique interactive twist, Dave will feature a segment of the podcast known at Ask the Business Bully, which is dedicated towards questions from the Entrepreneur community, in which they will be answered live on-air.


Additional segments include:

  • Business Hotline which features trends for 2016 and beyond
  • Health is Wealth, featuring mental and physical health tips for Entrepreneurs
  • The Spotlight, which is the platform to empower Youth Entrepreneurs
  • Socially Correct, which is Dave’s thoughts on social commentary issues affecting the community at-large.



New podcast segments will be published every Wednesday evening.

For consideration for Ask the Business Bully live on-air Q&A, email

Sponsorship promotional opportunities are available by contacting

Learn more about The Business Bully Podcast at



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